[ Andrea Chretien] SAIaaS: A Blockchain-based solution for secure artificial intelligence as-a-Service

Nov. 19, 2021
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Artificial Intelligence models are crucial elements to support many sectors in the current global economy. Training those models re- quires 3 main assets: data, machine learning algorithms, and processing capabilities. Given the growing concerns regarding data privacy, algo- rithm intellectual property, and server security, combining all 3 resources to build a model is challenging. In this paper, we propose a solution al- lowing providers to share their data and run their algorithms in secured cloud training environments. To provide trust for both clients and asset providers in the system, a blockchain is introduced to support the ne- gotiation, monitoring, and conclusion of model production. Through a preliminary evaluation, we validate the feasibility of the approach and present a road map to a more secure Artificial Intelligence as-a-service.

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